Michael Lewis

I am dedicated to my own evolution as a man, despite my regressions. I have spent many years trying to better myself through various means and over the last couple of years I have been attending Men’s retreats through the Men’s Center of Los Angeles where deep self introspection, awareness and evolution are nurtured and found in the hills of Malibu twice a year. This has been a life saver. Stemming from this experience, I started my own men’s group with some of the most amazing men I know - some of which are co-creators or contributors to this site (see below). I am the blessed husband to a very special woman, Jenniffer who is an esteemed psychologist, and a proud father to my beautiful almost 5 year old daughter, Bailey. Both of them constantly remind me not only of the important things in life but that everything is fleeting- so I should pay close attention. I am a Board Certified Family Practice Physician and play lead guitar for a female-fronted soul-rock band. I also make spiritual beaded jewelry which you can find at www.3lbbeads.com. I am the luckiest man in the world to be surrounded by a community of amazing men and a wife and daughter who ignite my spirit deeply. Jenniffer’s website: www.jennifferlewisphd.com Mens center Los Angeles: www.menscenterlosangeles.com

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Matthew Ansoorian

Encouraged by my buddy of 35 years (see above) to participate in an ongoing dialogue for men, I accepted the invite as a special opportunity to articulate ideas and experiences, while embracing a truly unique opportunity to share that path with a special group of guys. Something I had never done before, and am glad I did. Thank you Mike. As a boy I gravitated to the unexplainable world. Imagination, faith, mystery, natural phenomenon has always sustained my attention. Raised Christian, I always found myself being more interested in the path of a divine (super) human and subsequent human potential, and less receptive to dogmatic principles. I realize now how big a part those early ideas played in my life today, as someone seeking out truth and growth in myself. True to Aries form, I gravitate to the passionate side of the spectrum, and my vocational choice reflects that. I'm a graphic designer with 13 years experience creating magazines, websites and big picture brands for a variety of companies. I recently started an apparel line called Native in the hopes of cultivating my own brand with local roots. www.nativegd.com. I'm fascinated by nature and animals and spend a lot of time psychoanalyzing the actions of my 5 year old pit bull, Lucy. I currently live in Ventura, CA

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