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The Willow Speaks

A friend of mine once said in a time of pain that he felt much like a willow branch blowing in a storm – not quite sure if he was going to break.

Do we ever really break? A willow branch is quite pliable. It can be manipulated into many different shapes, bent end-to-end in some cases and withstand significant internal and environmental stresses.  However, like most things, it has a breaking point if stressed too far. Continue reading The Willow Speaks

Watching From Afar!

The disconnected look into “enjoying” the suffering of others.

So, I was sitting here, flipping through my phone’s Facebook app this morning.  I found myself constantly swiping past multiple posts which were titled things like, “this man yells at his wife one to many times, and you will never guess how it ends,” or “watch what happens when this girl takes one step too far off a building – you won’t believe what happens,” or “Check out the ugliest pictures of people that should never have been taken.”  At this point, it’s like I’m hypnotized if I’m not paying attention.  Somehow, someway I occasionally find that I am drawn to this craziness – in a car-accident-curiosity-type of way.  Continue reading Watching From Afar!

Native Selfie


No, there will be no photos taken.  The selfie I am talking about is self-smudging.  For thousands of years, cultures including the Native Americans have used multiple dried herbs and plants as medicine.  Rosemary, Cedar, Sweetgrass and Sage (all types) and more have been widely used in ritual to purify or bless people and places.  Not all smudging herbs or plants perform the same purpose, as different cultures use plants and herbs for different reasons.  Classically, a wrapped smudge stick or loose ingredients are placed in an abalone shell and the smoke is spread around with a feather or smudge fan. The most well known smudging ingredient is white sage (Salvia apiana).

Is there really a correct way to smudge?   I guess that depends on whom you talk to.  For me, the act of smudging brings awareness to my feelings at that moment. If I don’t like what I’m feeling, I can bring awareness to it by giving it my full attention and then treating myself accordingly by smudging- just like taking an ibuprofen for a headache.

Continue reading Native Selfie