Three little birds beads was inspired by Bob Marley’s wonderful song
“three little birds” – you know it, “every little thing is going to be alright.”

The “three little birds” represent my family: my wife, my 3 1/2 year-old beautiful
daughter and myself. I was inspired to make spiritual beaded jewelry under the name
of “Three little birds beads” after a spiritual awakening. Initially, I made the first necklace
and bracelet for myself to remind me of the intense spiritual experience of my physical life
on April, 20, 2013. After I made my first bracelet I found such a piece within me while
doing it that I continued. Next thing I knew there was a collection of over 100 pieces.
My wife got first pick of course!

To me the beads have the potential to serve as a reminder of your sacred self
and what’s important in the verticalplane of life, THE NOW, As opposed to the
horizontal plane (the past and the future). “The now” is the most important
time in our life because nothing has ever existed outside of the now. Can
you think of any time in your life that did not happen in “the now?”

By giving an awareness to the beads on your skin, you may be reminded
of why you put them there in the first place, which may allow a portal
for true consciousness which can only exist right now. On the other hand,
they may just look cool!

This is not a mass production shop, I make each piece of jewelry individually
with care. It takes some time, thought and peacefulness to put all these
pieces together, so I hope you feel the love each unique piece has
provided me. Because each piece I make is crafted within a different
moment in time, I try to make each one as unique as our ever-
changing moments – one of a kind. I have been known to disassemble
and restart a piece if it doesn’t “feel” right.

Some jewelry is very similar to very popular designers using very
similar if not the same materials at a fraction of the price.

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