Jayson Gaddis — is a relationship expert and a breakthrough marriage coach. He’s a householder, former psychotherapist, teacher, speaker, and writer who uses the vehicle of his marriage and his children to become who he truly is, while expanding his capacity to love. He’s on the planet to help people master love and relationship. He’s a husband and part-time stay-at-home Dad getting schooled by his two cosmic kids.
Jayson is passionate about masculinity. He runs ongoing men’s groups, men’s leadership experiences, founded the Men’s Leadership Training, Boulder Men’s Experience, and BoyStrong.org. Jayson is looking to provide his 5- year old son a smooth, conscious path toward manhood.

Even though many of his school teachers said he sucked at writing, he writes anyway for for The Good Men Project & Elephant Journal. He’s also written for The Jungle Of Life, Primer Magazine, Integral Life, and Recovering Yogi.

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