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Willow Healing Center

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Hey everyone – after a long and thoughtful process, I have left my cozy little job with all the security one needs (financially) to follow my integrity.  4 weeks ago, Willow Healing Center had its grand opening in Woodland Hills, California.

I believe in a few things when it comes to people and medicine:

We (humans) are complex.  We are physical, spiritual, emotional and psychological beings.  I believe that treating just the physical being is only part of the process…it would be like fixing a car and forgetting about the gas.

Learn more about the willow here: THE WILLOW SPEAKS (written by Michael Lewis, MD <–me)


I have found that not only is the system in which we receive health care broken, but the guise in which doctors treat is severely broken as well.  I know.  My patient panel was over 3,000 patients and I was on the proverbial hamster wheel spinning away daily as patients came in and out of my office flustered and disappointed with their treatment (for the most part).  I was always one to spend the time needed with my patients but the 20 patients per day cycle became a suffering existence.

Therefore I have decided, with lots of thought, that something had to be done.  I decided that I was going to work for MY PATIENTS and NOT the insurance companies anymore.
The fix was simple.  Let’s get rid of extraneous “moving parts and red tape” offer value, time and a compassionate ear  and I can’t go wrong – even it it fail.

I started Willow Healing Center with my wonderful wife who is our in-house psychologist.

Our dream, since we met was to work down the hall from each other.  Well, check! that’s done.

Some perks of Willow Healing Center’s concierge/membership practice is as follows.

For less than 7 bucks per day, you get me as your private MD, 24/7/365

No Copays

No Deductibles

Unlimited Visits without visit fees

Wholesale Labs

Discounted Meds

Un-hurried, Un-rushed appointments – no more 7 minute appointments.  

Minimum booking is for 30 minutes – It wouldn’t be strange to book for 1 hour or more.

Access to our in-house Chiropractor, Acupuncturist and Psychologist

Compassionate care by your doc.  

Holistic thinking.

Come check out my site at

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With love!

Dr Mike

Top 10 things to bring or discuss at your next physical exam

By: Michael R. Lewis, MD

When you come to the doctor, it is important that we have information.  Lots of it!  With the accurate and correct information your doctor will be able to help meet your personal health goals.  Below you will find a checklist of the top 10 most important things to bring to your primary care physician (PCP) at each visit, especially your initial, “meet the doc” visit.  I hope you find this list helpful.

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Fruitful, Organic, Cage-Free Choices

Stop reading now!

Or continue.  It’s your choice!

OK here’s the deal.  Do it or don’t do it.

What’s “It?”

“It” is the fulcrum of your decision making –  It is the balance point in the “should I do this or that” thought process.  I think people forget that there is always another choice.  It’s part of our power as humans.  Not all choices however yield better outcomes.  Honestly, some choices just suck!  This article isn’t about how to make better choices, it’s about knowing we have them in general. Continue reading Fruitful, Organic, Cage-Free Choices

The Auscultation Meditation: How I meditate without anyone knowing

By: Michael Lewis, MD

If you haven’t figured it out yet, meditation is AWESOME! It is a chance to ‘try’ and silence that infernal thought making machine in your cranial vault! However, if you are one to see the word meditation and think, “No way! Not even close –I get it, I’m supposed to chant and sit with my arms open signing ‘asshole’ with my thumb and first finger?” (See pic below). Continue reading The Auscultation Meditation: How I meditate without anyone knowing

Colon Cancer: What you need to know.


Colon cancer is a scary topic. I am sure most of you know someone who has been affected by this horrible cancer. If screened early, it is preventable, treatable and essentially curable.

Get this, Colon cancer is the Third leading cause of cancer related deaths in the United States – following Lung and breast/prostate (women/men).  Here are some scary stats:

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The Heartbeats Of The Hourglass

By: Michael Lewis

Another one of my patients died today.

I feel sad.

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FACT:  71 million Americans have high cholesterol levels
FACT:  The number of people needed to treat to prevent 1 heart attack using a Statin medication (Lipitor, Zocor etc) is 60.
FACT:  Only 1 out of every 3 adults with high LDL cholesterol has the condition under control
FACT:  High cholesterol has no symptoms so many people don’t know that their cholesterol is too high.
FACT:  People with high cholesterol have about twice the risk of heart disease as people with lower levels
FACT:  MORE THAN 50% of people who suffered a heart attack had normal cholesterol levels at the time of their hospitalization
FACT:  Cholesterol isn’t the entire story when it comes to heart attacks…read on.




obestiy map

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Can you see your toes? Obesity is an epidemic but not insurmountable to overcome. It’s not because Fast food chains are giving you more food for lower prices. The problem is multifactorial. It is a mix of genetics, self-control and mental health – sometimes, occurring all at the same time. The first question to ask yourself is my relationship with food a problem? Obesity, especially abdominal obesity has a Continue reading Obesity

Hypertension (High Blood pressure)

By: Michael R. Lewis, MD

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Heart disease is still the #1 killer of men over 50.  At 40 years old and above, it’s time to stop thinking you are invincible and pay attention to yourself (and your doctor – if you see him or her.)  Hypertension doesn’t only contribute to heart attacks but can cause kidney damage, eye problems and strokes.  To minimize your risk of hypertension, lose that gut!  It’s true, losing Continue reading Hypertension (High Blood pressure)

Hyperlipidemia “High Cholesterol”


Cholesterol causes aren’t what we thought. And it’s more than just a total cholesterol count of 200 or less.  It’s also more than our LDLs (low density lipoproteins) too – even though they can be as sticky to your arteries as gum stuck to the soles of your shoes on a hot day!   Times are changing and so is the research. There’s newer research putting emphasis on particle size! Not how much it is, but Continue reading Hyperlipidemia “High Cholesterol”