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I am dedicated to my own evolution as a man, despite my regressions. I have spent many years trying to better myself through various means and over the last couple of years I have been attending Men’s retreats through the Men’s Center of Los Angeles where deep self introspection, awareness and evolution are nurtured and found in the hills of Malibu twice a year. This has been a life saver. Stemming from this experience, I started my own men’s group with some of the most amazing men I know - some of which are co-creators or contributors to this site (see below). I am the blessed husband to a very special woman, Jenniffer who is an esteemed psychologist, and a proud father to my beautiful almost 5 year old daughter, Bailey. Both of them constantly remind me not only of the important things in life but that everything is fleeting- so I should pay close attention. I am a Board Certified Family Practice Physician and play lead guitar for a female-fronted soul-rock band. I also make spiritual beaded jewelry which you can find at I am the luckiest man in the world to be surrounded by a community of amazing men and a wife and daughter who ignite my spirit deeply. Jenniffer’s website: Mens center Los Angeles:



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Can you see your toes? Obesity is an epidemic but not insurmountable to overcome. It’s not because Fast food chains are giving you more food for lower prices. The problem is multifactorial. It is a mix of genetics, self-control and mental health – sometimes, occurring all at the same time. The first question to ask yourself is my relationship with food a problem? Obesity, especially abdominal obesity has a Continue reading Obesity

Hypertension (High Blood pressure)

By: Michael R. Lewis, MD

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Heart disease is still the #1 killer of men over 50.  At 40 years old and above, it’s time to stop thinking you are invincible and pay attention to yourself (and your doctor – if you see him or her.)  Hypertension doesn’t only contribute to heart attacks but can cause kidney damage, eye problems and strokes.  To minimize your risk of hypertension, lose that gut!  It’s true, losing Continue reading Hypertension (High Blood pressure)

Hyperlipidemia “High Cholesterol”


Cholesterol causes aren’t what we thought. And it’s more than just a total cholesterol count of 200 or less.  It’s also more than our LDLs (low density lipoproteins) too – even though they can be as sticky to your arteries as gum stuck to the soles of your shoes on a hot day!   Times are changing and so is the research. There’s newer research putting emphasis on particle size! Not how much it is, but Continue reading Hyperlipidemia “High Cholesterol”

Erectile Dysfunction


First and foremost, I hate to break the news, but if you are having erectile dysfunction (including premature ejaculation) it’s probably not a “medical” thing, sorry.  It’s time to look inwards and really be honest with yourself about what’s happening inside your mind.  Ask yourself these questions: Is my erection soft or not as firm as it used to be?  Does it happen when I masturbate?  When did it start? Am I ruminating or thinking about it before I start foreplay?  During intercourse, am I orgasm focused or “in-tune” with my partner?  Do I feel depressed/Anxious?  Is it trouble getting erect or staying erect?  Do I have trouble getting aroused?

Yes, our penis has Continue reading Erectile Dysfunction