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Encouraged by my buddy of 35 years (see above) to participate in an ongoing dialogue for men, I accepted the invite as a special opportunity to articulate ideas and experiences, while embracing a truly unique opportunity to share that path with a special group of guys. Something I had never done before, and am glad I did. Thank you Mike. As a boy I gravitated to the unexplainable world. Imagination, faith, mystery, natural phenomenon has always sustained my attention. Raised Christian, I always found myself being more interested in the path of a divine (super) human and subsequent human potential, and less receptive to dogmatic principles. I realize now how big a part those early ideas played in my life today, as someone seeking out truth and growth in myself. True to Aries form, I gravitate to the passionate side of the spectrum, and my vocational choice reflects that. I'm a graphic designer with 13 years experience creating magazines, websites and big picture brands for a variety of companies. I recently started an apparel line called Native in the hopes of cultivating my own brand with local roots. I'm fascinated by nature and animals and spend a lot of time psychoanalyzing the actions of my 5 year old pit bull, Lucy. I currently live in Ventura, CA

Good Grief

By Matt Ansoorian

I recently read a science-based article in the Guardian suggesting that “our collective inability to grieve over economic pains has prevented us from coming up with sustainable solutions for the future.” Going a bit further Continue reading Good Grief

Strategized Lives – The Human Brochure


In these days of Social Media (SM) dialogue it’s become harder than ever to fully contemplate the “true” essence of an individual. In most media circles we see well crafted, strategically marketed projections of an individual; a byproduct of social undercurrents, as defined by the “pop culture machine”.

 For me, observing someones so called life, via social channels is the equivalent of sifting through a digital brochure; a gallery of projections that connect us to what is “IN” at the moment, or ideas that simply allow us to look “interesting” in the eyes of pop culture. An external projection of a life worth celebrating.

 The question I’d like to raise is, with all of that energy going towards the external, what happens to the internal quest?

This is by no means a new topic. Many psych and spiritual circles have begun to study the effects of these synthetic representations of peoples lives, and the predominant study indicates that we are encouraging widespread narcissism in our approach to life; “Generation Selfie.”

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