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The Evolution of Man, in the picture above ends with homo-erectus- humans as we are now.  What’s next?

We are a species who has to evolve or dissolve into a spiritual black hole.

WORLD: We are off’ing our brothers and sisters and children by the millions for religion, oil, power, greed and land.   De-evolution is taking place in plain sight and we are watching it happen, seemingly mystified as we become desensitized to the violence one local news show at a time.

RELATIONSHIPS: What kind do you want? Not just with your partner, but  with yourself.  What kind of life do you want to live? No growth ever comes from complacency.  Take it from me.  To live free, we need to be bold, take risks, and live authentically.

How about we reconnect with the spark we all came from.  Let’s have a relationship with the world and everything it stands for.

I know what you’re thinking- What are you experts?  Shit! Not even, but we are working on bringing together men by empowering men to be their true self at their core, their essence;  a Loving, compassionate, gentle soul.  We are walking through the same shadows, traversing the same earth, suffering just like you!  How long do you want to suffer?

Isn’t time you give yourself the attention you deserve and break free from your own story? 

We, want love, joy, coexistence, emotional connections, just like you. You are my brother.  I am yours.  We are namaste, we are Om, we are Aho Mitakuye Oyasin.

So now what?  What’s the next step in our evolution? READ ON BROTHERS (and sisters)!!!

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