Third Eye or Magic Eye?


Have you ever seen those 3d Magic Eye pictures like the one above? Have you ever been so close to seeing it that the picture hidden in 3d makes a small appearance then escapes you for another frustrating 10 minutes? What’s even more frustrating is when you see it, then try to see it again later and you can’t! grrrr. This is a similar idea of what happened to me during my morning meditation today. I just started a meditation practice again. It’s only 10 minutes, using an app on my iphone which has music and a woman’s voice telling you to “simply be,” and all the typical meditation dialogue: If you see thoughts, don’t resist them, be aware of what is happening, etc. It’s actually a very nice meditation.

My Magic Eye 3d moment occurred when thought left me completely during meditation, and I saw myself from above sitting in my perched up wannabee lotus position (I use a meditation stool).

I was thoughtless, and the words “simply being” made sense more than it ever had before.

It was like I COULD SEE THE PICTURE WITHIN THE MESS OF DOTS! And then poof! It was gone! Just like that. Thoughts flooded my head again, and all I wanted was to see that picture again- to see myself from above just like before. So, I regrouped and had small flashes of “simply being” once again, but the entirety of the vision eluded me – it wasn’t complete. Just as if you were staring at a Magic Eye and picture made a vague appearance but you couldn’t make out the picture (you would have had to have seen one to know just what I’m talking about).

So, I sat, quietly, breathed and never got that pure sensation of simply being again. Granted, it was only a 10 minute meditation. Sometimes it takes 10 minute just to find a comfortable position, so I am not judging it, nor should I ever.

The interesting thing is, once you relax your eyes (the equivalent of not resisting thoughts) and stop fixating on pixels (the equivalent of missing the bigger picture) ironically, the picture appears crystal clear.

My practice now is to look deeper without doing any actual looking at all – resistance is a funny thing.

“Coffee anyone?!”

HINT: To see magic eye 3d picture: Don’t look at it directly. Get close to it and back up slowly. Don’t try to sort out dots – look at the whole picture at the same time and let your eyes go a bit blurry. It will happen. If you can’t see it after a few minutes. Come back to it. Your frustration will get in your way.

“Specialty” magic eye training here:

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