Are You Black, White or Bridge?

Between two poles of thought lies a refuge* from ego. Think of this as a bridge separating two personally identified ideas, if you will. Some people prefer to sit on either side and not seek refuge on the bridge. Where do you stand?

Your “stance” causes nothing more than a divide between you and your fellow man — Trust me, I know. I used to form wide divides between me and my fellow man based in my political ideology. I thought I was right, and therefore by definition, YOU had to be wrong. My way was better! Moreover, if you don’t like my side (my ideology) then you must not like me, moreover, how could I like you? Not until I stopped taking a side, did I free myself from ego and close the divide between people.

Do you choose to soak in your own tub of ideas on one side, and judge everyone else’s thoughts and ideologies? Or do you step out of your tub, dripping with vulnerability and experience the bold actions of being curious without judgment towards another? I have touched on this idea in another article, “Atelphobia

So, what are the two polarities of ideology? Some would say black or white, right or wrong, left or right? Unfortunately, this division leads to “you OR me,” leaving out the most important “us” and “we.”

To “bridge the gap” between people, it is imperative that we evolve our own beliefs from being either black or white and find some gray area on the bridge between who we think we are or what we think we believe. When you get to the middle of the bridge you may find that love is waiting. It is telling you to open your arms to new ideas, suppress judgment, and be curious, which will bring you closer to your fellow man, because unlike popular belief, up close we aren’t so different after all.

**refuge assumes seeking comfort or shelter. To know refuge, means you are aware of the discomfort you are in, by definition.  Spiritually, the only way to know your discomfort in your polar thinking is to be aware of it – interestingly, if that’s the case you are probably on the bridge already! However, If you are aware of your polar thinking, you are either on the bridge or don’t give a shit and follow your egoic mindset like clockwork. If you don’t give a shit and your divisiveness is ok with you, then maybe you should keep reading. By now, you should be cursing me (if that is the case) Sending light

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