The Heartbeats Of The Hourglass

By: Michael Lewis

Another one of my patients died today.

I feel sad.

T.S., he was a good man, band leader, hiker and just a caring man.

He was more than these things – his spirit was bright as the morning sun shining through soft white sheer curtains on a cool fall morning.


Who would want to be in my field of work anyways?

People come and go. Live, suffer, die.

I guess just like everything in this world.

Everything is fleeting and so much eludes us along the way.

All that being said, I am blessed to do the work I do.

In my “so called life” my patients’ are more than case studies. They are real people.

Not just patients.

More times than not, the relationships created between my patients and I form very deep meaningful connections.

My patients, in essence become part of my family.

Today, the world lost a good man…as expected

These expectations suck!

Unfortunately, everything comes to an end.

Even a Timex can’t tick forever.

Our heartbeats are as finite as the grains of sand in an hourglass.  Don’t be fooled. Once the last grain drops- Time’s up.

Another one of my patients died today.

And I am grateful for the time we spent together.

Rest in Peace T.S. You were loved

Dr Mike

2 thoughts on “The Heartbeats Of The Hourglass”

  1. Dr. Lewis,

    I am sorry to hear about your lost but I must say that TS was a lucky man to have known such caring human being as you. You are so on the money by saying that your patients are not just a number, we feel very much love by your sheer presence and I’m sure TS felt right at home with you. This world needs men like you that can inspired us to do better. May TS rest in peace!


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