What’s The Point?

Our mens group left to right: Michael (hat),Matt, Pat, Dwayne, Scott, Anyhony, Missing-Eric

The Sacred Path Mens’ retreat in Malibu through The Men’s Center of Los Angeles: http://www.menscenterlosangeles.com

Last mens retreat in Malibu through The Men’s Center of Los Angeles

It’s simple.  There has to be more to us then what our past has dictated.  Men have become stagnant with their evolution, spiritually speaking.  Men are stuck in their egoic minds, drowning in roles dictated to them through social norms and suffocating in their own shame and guilt of not feeling good enough.  It’s time we disconnect from our well known “identities,” and evolve to become better men.  Men are loving, good spirited individuals who desire love, and want to share kindness, but deep down most are scared to let people see their vulnerable side.  This site is designed to allow men to be better men, by seeing other men walk the walk.  Let your steps be congruent with your spirit and be the man you always dreamed of being.  Aho Mitakuye Oyasin (all my relations – we are all related)

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Below is is the talking stick our group created on our first meeting.


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