Strategized Lives – The Human Brochure


In these days of Social Media (SM) dialogue it’s become harder than ever to fully contemplate the “true” essence of an individual. In most media circles we see well crafted, strategically marketed projections of an individual; a byproduct of social undercurrents, as defined by the “pop culture machine”.

 For me, observing someones so called life, via social channels is the equivalent of sifting through a digital brochure; a gallery of projections that connect us to what is “IN” at the moment, or ideas that simply allow us to look “interesting” in the eyes of pop culture. An external projection of a life worth celebrating.

 The question I’d like to raise is, with all of that energy going towards the external, what happens to the internal quest?

This is by no means a new topic. Many psych and spiritual circles have begun to study the effects of these synthetic representations of peoples lives, and the predominant study indicates that we are encouraging widespread narcissism in our approach to life; “Generation Selfie.”

 That said, if most of our efforts are based around feeling accepted in the eyes of the crowd, how can we ever begin to fully interact with our true being. What happens to the internal self when so much time is spent proving our social merit to the outside world?

 As we become more and more fixated on our external being, we spend less time on the internal. An issue of allocation I suppose. But I believe something larger is taking place. A new social ecosystem defined by facades.

It’s official, the book cover has become more important than the book.

 The time spent thinking about our social media projection actually ends up dictating our actions in life. Deciding what to do on the weekend may actually be controlled by our personal promotional opportunities, relative to our social media brochure. Deciding to do something “Epic” in the eyes of my SM “fans” may have become the guiding nature of most peoples actions. Even worse, and more importantly, we’ve become frightened of downtime, stillness, reticence, and the perception of boredom, simply because it provides no value to “our audience”.

 Without time to be still, and look within, we will undoubtedly suffer emotionally. We will only become master marketers of our lives, we will look impressive to our social constituents. We will be DJs, artists, models, fashionistas, world travelers, foodies, successful biz people. We will be followed and liked and commented on by thousands of people because our life projection looks vast and incredibly diverse. All the while, we will be neglecting our essence (true self).

 Prolongation of these values will only create internal atrophy. If we continue to observe the stillness needed to look inward as boring and unworthy of interest we will continue to displace our inner self, and only understand that which is external. We will be controlled by a force that separates us from our true beautiful self, and ultimately one another. The sentient being inside of you that looks at the world with the eyes of innocent child. A person “Followed” by infinite celestial light, and “Liked” by every grain of sand on the earth. You are loved already, and I personally don’t care what your Social Media brochure says.

 I don’t have the answers, and I’d rather leave this open ended for further discussions, but Im writing these words as a mantra for myself.

Take the time to be still, and love the part of you that doesn’t require an audience.

I know I will be thinking about ways to honor the internal life in both myself and in you. The great news is, I wanna know you, I wanna read the pages that define who you are, who you want to be, and what obstacles stand in the way of your light. Of equal importance, I wanna share my journey with you too!

 Maybe then, we can locate a truly sustainable reason to navigate this world together, and in the process, attach real meaning to the word “Friend”

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