Spiritual Bullies


 No, you won’t get a black eye, or end up in the principal’s office if you are met with one of them, but you may leave feeling confused, judged, “less smarter,” and feel like an emotionally-filled hybrid of rage meets W.T.F.?!  This is what happens when you are blind-sided by a spiritually bully.  They are the ones who believe their spirituality is soooooo much better than yours and that their “vegetarianism strips away layers of psychological and spiritual debris layer by layer, more efficiently than your nut based Paleolithic diet, which will probably lead to your death from a mystical nut infection.”  The conversation, if you can call it that, is usually one sided, spoken in code as you saw above and completely divisive.  It will leave your head spinning and further questioning your intelligence, because the language is flagrantly abolished by shrapnel of past bilayers of emotionally charged ionic fragments which have found its way into our life script virtually taking over our industry-loving, greed based mainframe called the mind…get it?!

Now, I know what you must be thinking – I sound like  a bully too.  Ok.  Forgive me.

I guess my initial response is anger.  I mean, how “spiritual” are you if you have to prove to everyone how spiritual you are?  Eckhart Tolle, points out in his book “A New Earth,” “don’t quote the buddha, be the buddha.”  We are living in a social media world where everyone memes (see here: meme) enlightened phrases to prove their spirituality.  If you are…then you just are. If you have to prove it, your ego is in the way of your enlightened possibilities.

The fact is, I think most people are looking for something to explain our existence.  The irony is everything we need to look for is within us already.  We contain the same stardust that was here billions of years ago, we covet insurmountable depths, that make the oceans look like a kiddie pool and we all came from the same spark that ignited this galaxy 4.5 billion years ago.  I know – mystical and magical bullshit right?

A Quick Word On Judgment:                      Just Imagine the possibilities if you could stop thinking and judging for one moment. Imagine if you didn’t shut down when you hear the word God.  What if you stopped needing to be right or stopped having to take a stance, which only leads to divisiveness.  Suddenly you are open to anything and everything – even if only for a moment you could be free.  Not naieve, just not blocked by judgments.  What if you could feel your God, your essence, your limitless self  in all its glory for one moment.

What’s the worse thing that could happen?  Hmm?

I would write “Namaste” but didn’t want you to think I was a poser!

In light.

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