The Heartbeats Of The Hourglass

By: Michael Lewis

Another one of my patients died today.

I feel sad.

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Good Grief

By Matt Ansoorian

I recently read a science-based article in the Guardian suggesting that “our collective inability to grieve over economic pains has prevented us from coming up with sustainable solutions for the future.” Going a bit further Continue reading Good Grief

Generation Gap, Where’s The Compassion?



There is a huge generation gap, between our parents’ generation and ours. I don’t just mean temporally. I mean emotionally. Our parent’s generation, for the most part, is from the time where deep discussion was rare. Issues were swept under the proverbial rug and Continue reading Generation Gap, Where’s The Compassion?

Strategized Lives – The Human Brochure


In these days of Social Media (SM) dialogue it’s become harder than ever to fully contemplate the “true” essence of an individual. In most media circles we see well crafted, strategically marketed projections of an individual; a byproduct of social undercurrents, as defined by the “pop culture machine”.

 For me, observing someones so called life, via social channels is the equivalent of sifting through a digital brochure; a gallery of projections that connect us to what is “IN” at the moment, or ideas that simply allow us to look “interesting” in the eyes of pop culture. An external projection of a life worth celebrating.

 The question I’d like to raise is, with all of that energy going towards the external, what happens to the internal quest?

This is by no means a new topic. Many psych and spiritual circles have begun to study the effects of these synthetic representations of peoples lives, and the predominant study indicates that we are encouraging widespread narcissism in our approach to life; “Generation Selfie.”

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Does spirituality have gender roles?


Luckily, it seems that embracing our spiritual being has become much more acceptable in society. It doesn’t seem to be something as taboo as it once was. For the first time in a long time, I think the inhabitants of our earth are beginning to realize that there is something else in this world that isn’t obvious. I am not talking about life on other planets, a man or woman named God who lives in the sky, or an invisible spirit – nor am I ruling them out. However, I do believe that the entity that we are realizing is our own essence which some call spirit, God, inner peace, consciousness, soul, what have you.

We are finally starting to look inwards and ask the man in the mirror if he is satisfied with his life.

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Native Selfie


No, there will be no photos taken.  The selfie I am talking about is self-smudging.  For thousands of years, cultures including the Native Americans have used multiple dried herbs and plants as medicine.  Rosemary, Cedar, Sweetgrass and Sage (all types) and more have been widely used in ritual to purify or bless people and places.  Not all smudging herbs or plants perform the same purpose, as different cultures use plants and herbs for different reasons.  Classically, a wrapped smudge stick or loose ingredients are placed in an abalone shell and the smoke is spread around with a feather or smudge fan. The most well known smudging ingredient is white sage (Salvia apiana).

Is there really a correct way to smudge?   I guess that depends on whom you talk to.  For me, the act of smudging brings awareness to my feelings at that moment. If I don’t like what I’m feeling, I can bring awareness to it by giving it my full attention and then treating myself accordingly by smudging- just like taking an ibuprofen for a headache.

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Spiritual Bullies


 No, you won’t get a black eye, or end up in the principal’s office if you are met with one of them, but you may leave feeling confused, judged, “less smarter,” and feel like an emotionally-filled hybrid of rage meets W.T.F.?!  This is what happens when you are blind-sided by a spiritually bully.  They are the ones who believe their spirituality is soooooo much better than yours and that their “vegetarianism strips away layers of psychological and spiritual debris layer by layer, more efficiently than your nut based Paleolithic diet, which will probably lead to your death from a mystical nut infection.”  The conversation, if you can call it that, is usually one sided, spoken in code as you saw above and completely divisive.  It will leave your head spinning and further questioning your intelligence, because the language is flagrantly abolished by shrapnel of past bilayers of emotionally charged ionic fragments which have found its way into our life script virtually taking over our industry-loving, greed based mainframe called the mind…get it?!

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Did you really Just say that?


Platitudes are defined as a remark or statement, especially one with a moral content, that has been used too often to be interesting or thoughtful.  For example: “The grass is always greener…”

How many times have you shared a very intimate thought, secret or tough time with someone and they answer you with a hollowed-out thoughtless rote  phrase such as that?  Why do people say these things?  What good is going to come from it?  Is there a bit of truth in them?  Do they help you feel better?  Are they all thoughtless?  What do you think?

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