Erectile Dysfunction


First and foremost, I hate to break the news, but if you are having erectile dysfunction (including premature ejaculation) it’s probably not a “medical” thing, sorry.  It’s time to look inwards and really be honest with yourself about what’s happening inside your mind.  Ask yourself these questions: Is my erection soft or not as firm as it used to be?  Does it happen when I masturbate?  When did it start? Am I ruminating or thinking about it before I start foreplay?  During intercourse, am I orgasm focused or “in-tune” with my partner?  Do I feel depressed/Anxious?  Is it trouble getting erect or staying erect?  Do I have trouble getting aroused?

Yes, our penis has a little head, which seems to respond to stressors.  Some of these stressors aren’t even related to sex at all.  Sometimes the stressors which keep you “down” are related to finances, work stress, life circumstances etc.

If you have been honest and can determine with your doc, therapist, partner, man in the mirror etc. that your erections are not about life circumstances, maybe it’s time to get your testosterone (make sure they check “free and total”), cholesterol and other labs checked.  Some medications/substances will interfere with erections as well, mainly high-blood pressure meds, such as beta-blockers as well as alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana, and narcotics. Let’s get checked out!  See your doctor.

Don’t be ashamed or too hard on yourself.  You are human and it’s totally normal to manifest physical problems from psychological triggers (if this is the case).

TIP:  Increasing blood supply by exercising can help with erections.  Also, a good night’s sleep can naturally increase your testosterone levels!

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